Detailed explanation: how to choose the tooth shape of the woodworking table saw blade


The most commonly used is the left and right tooth saw blade, which has a fast sawing speed and is also convenient for grinding. Others include a variety of different toothed saw blades, such as flat teeth, flat teeth, and inverted trapezoidal teeth.

1. The left and right tooth saw blades are the most widely used, capable of cutting and horizontal sawing soft and hard solid wood and MDF, multi-layer board, particle board and so on. There are also left and right tooth saw blades with anti-rebound force maintenance teeth, which are very suitable for longitudinally cutting the plate with the tree knot; if the quality of the sawing is very good, the left and right tooth saw blades with negative rake angle can be selected.

2. The flat-toothed saw blade has a rough slash and a slow cutting speed, but it is very simple to grind and is suitable for sawing ordinary wood or for slotting.

3, the ladder flat saw blade is more complicated to grind, but it can not easily crack when sawing, and is often used for sawing of sawing wood-based panels and fireproof panels.

4. The inverted ladder teeth are suitable for the bottom groove of the panel saw. For example, when sawing the double veneer wood-based panel, the slot saw can be used to adjust the thickness of the bottom surface of the slot, and then the saw is finished with the main saw, so that

In addition, there are two factors that affect the processing power:

The processing power of multi-blade saws varies with the type of wood being processed. Mainly because the texture and hardness of the wood are different, the sawing speed will definitely change. We have talked about the selection of the saw blade, which is mainly suitable for cutting the different types of wood. In order to ensure the processing power of the multi-blade saw, the appropriate saw blade should be selected according to the type of wood to ensure the production power.

Others also need me to pay attention to the degree of saw blade wear, the saw blade wear will affect the cutting power, but also affect the cutting quality, the cutting surface is rough and not smooth. When grinding the saw blade, pay attention to the point of view of the sawtooth.