The development history of woodworking table saw


The first push table saw in history

To say that the development of the table saw is going back to 1906, the Germans brought such a product during the booming industrial revolution. At that time, a German named Wilhelm, in order to complete his dream of designing furniture, devote himself to research, after years of hard work, finally invented the world's first push table saw. This technology makes sawing wood fast and precise. Greatly improved the efficiency of production, saving manpower costs and creating huge profits for the enterprise, so the role of the table saw is unanimously endorsed and praised by everyone, slowly increasing in the market. Large, the penetration rate is also getting higher and higher.

So when did the table saw enter China? Let’s talk about it.

With the improvement of production process requirements and the improvement of the understanding of mechanical science, the table saw is still developing and improving. In the 1970s and 1980s, China imported a German push table saw through trade. In order to fully understand the working principle of the push table saw, the researchers in China have overcome the difficulties day and night, and finally completed the first domestic table saw in the continuous exploration. It has been continuously developed in the country and has attracted the attention of major companies.