How to prevent the carpenter from pushing the table saw water-cooled spindle motor water blocking


Today's more common table saws are equipped with water-cooled spindle motors, including many small push table saws and DIY push table saw enthusiasts. They are the preferred water-cooled spindles. Due to the high precision and low noise of water-cooled spindles, they are water-cooled. The main shaft has its disadvantages, that is, it constitutes the blockage of the water-cooled main shaft waterway after a long time of use. Now many spindle motor manufacturers are optimizing the spindle motor, and of course avoiding the water-cooled main shaft blockage from the application.      

Generally, friends who are engaged in embossing processing understand that some wood dust will fall into the circulating water when processing. After a long time, there are too many impurities in the water, and the flow into the water pipe or the main shaft will become smaller or blocked. Once this happens, it is necessary to use the method in time to clean the dust inside the water pipe.


First of all, we must ensure that the water is cleaned. It is really difficult to compare it every day. It is also possible to put a layer of filter on the water outlet of the pump. The best way is to replace the circulating water of the pump every day. This can also be used to reduce the flow of impurities into the main shaft and constitute a main shaft blockage. Once the main shaft is blocked, you can use the blowpipe of the air compressor to connect the spindle inlet pipe of the carpenter's table saw. Repeat the blowing for a few times to deal with the blocking problem. If the water pipe is not used, you can blow the water pipe in reverse to ensure Can dredge water pipes. The circulating water pipes are inserted in the water. It is not easy to detect whether it is blocked. In the normal processing, the temperature of the main shaft should be touched punctually. When the temperature is high, the water flow of the water pipe should be checked to avoid the spindle temperature being too high and damage the main shaft.


The air-cooled spindle does not have such a blocking condition, but the noise is large, and the water-cooled main shaft and the air-cooled main shaft each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The air-cooled spindle has a relatively long life. The speed is low. The water-cooled spindle has a high rotational speed and low noise, but it is necessary to ensure that the circulating water is supplied to the main shaft if the embossing table saw is processed for a long time.